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Developed by The National School Safety Center in partnership with the developers of The School Safety Review, the guide can be used by teachers and parents as a discovery tool. It features a scoring rubric that lets you see how each child reviews and rates their school environment, based on their personal observations.

An excellent family or classroom activity, each student's review and ratings can remain private, or you may elect to aggregate the results for a school-wide review.

A Crowdsourced Safety Review

The "wisdom of the crowd" will always trump the "insights of the few." Collectively, what your kids know can help you make your schools safer places to learn, work, and play. Discover how the 13 questions in the Discussion Guide can produce actionable, crowdsourced intelligence from your most important assets ... your kids.

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Talking to Kids About School Safety is brought to you courtesy of these partners, working together to make schools safer places to learn, work, and play.

This handy Discussion Guide was designed as an activity for parents, kids and classrooms. It features a series of probing questions that effectively measure the things that make kids feel safe or unsafe at school. It's yours, free, to use and share with others.

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